Praise & Worship

November 5, 2008

Without question, we go to church seeking a word from the Lord… we await the preached word so that we will get better illumination of the word of God and find instruction for daily living. The choir is a blessing… the dancers are a blessing… the announcements are important… but nothing outweighs the relevance and necessity of a rhema word from the man or woman of God. But oh how good it is to come together for praise and worship! Praise being the expression of joy and excitement about the God you serve, and worship being reverence for the God who has served you. GPT is home to a mighty praise and worship team, praise and worship leaders and a fine choir. Here, led by brother Roy Sanderson, Jr. the Praise and Worship team and GPT Sanctuary Choir offer up “Bow Down”.


Mother Jones Sings and Brings the House Down

October 14, 2008

In an unexpected blessing on October 12, 2008, Mother Jones (Bishop Donaldson’s mother) took to the front of the church and led the choir in some good old-fashioned gospel! Singing “Since I Laid My Burdens Down”, she really blessed us. We love you Mom Jones and it is so good to see you in the house. What a testimony to God’s grace! Enjoy this song in it’s entirety and stay tuned to the church website at for news about special programs and events.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! “Some Good News in Bad Times”

October 13, 2008

Date: Sunday, October 12, 2008
Speaker: Bishop Dr. Marvin E. Donaldson
Scripture: Matthew 24:1-15 and 1 Thessalonians 3:1-4
Title: Some Good News in Bad Times

A true man of God, Bishop Donaldson has the ability to preach the deep things of God as well as to relate the word to present times. Preaching about the rapture and the signs as designated in the bible, Bishop Donaldson points to specific things happening now. Sermon notes are coming, so stay tuned, but definitely get the CD or DVD… there is a lot to digest. Call the church at 913-371-4667 to order your copy and stay tuned to

GPT’s 2008 MegaFest: One God. One Family. One Choice.

October 6, 2008

What a high time we had in the Lord October 3, 4 and 5!!! If you missed it you really missed it. Awesome ministry went forth in every service and we want to extend a hearty God bless you and word of thanks to those who came to the third annual Mega Fest, with a special word of thanks to all those who ministered, including:

Dr. Ira Combs, Pastor J. Cortez Vaughn, Minion Bolton, God’s Goon Solomon “Solo” Bass, and of course, a host of other special guests and friends including our very own Sanctuary Choir, praise dance teams, and special selections from our own young people. We in da hood, y’all!!!

A very special thanks to Dr. Angel Smith, the speaker for Sunday, October 5, who wrecked the house in two power-packed services. And after baptizing some 50 people on Sunday morning, she blessed us to stay an extra day. You’ll want to get these messages on DVD, but here’s a clip. Call the church at 913-371-4667 to order.  And stay tuned to the church website at!

Sunday September 28, 2008

September 29, 2008

Associate Pastor Elder Eric Moss preached the Sunday morning message while Bishop Donaldson was away. And as always, Elder Moss delivered an inspiring word from God. Contact the church at 913-371-4667 to order the message on DVD or CD.

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GPT is in REVIVAL!!!

September 23, 2008

Pastor’s 32nd anniversary service was incredible, and if you missed it you REALLY missed it. None other than Columbus, Ohio’s Bishop George “Awesome” Dawson came in and led a worship experience that the house was clearly receptive to. In the Sunday morning service, as Dawson moved in the prophetic, Bishop Donaldson called for a two day revival–to which Bishop Dawson agreed and he has stayed over. In the Monday night revival service, Bishop Dawson came out of the third chapter of Joshua. If you don’t have to miss Tuesday night’s service, don’t.

Visit our website at but in the meantime, check out Bishop Dawson here.

There’s Something About the Name Jesus

September 3, 2008

In these times, when everything is acceptable and righteousness is practically mocked, the need for Jesus is needed like never before. We’re living in a time of war. We’re living in a time of immorality. We’re living in a time of spiritual attack. We’re living in a time when the enemy is really and like never before waging war on the church. If anything is going to bring us through this, it will be Jesus and Jesus alone. GPT and friends of GPT, now like never before, begin to call on Him and believe Him for yourselves, for your family, for your pastor, your church home and this nation. One of the sweetest tributes to the name that is above every name: Kirk Franklin and Rance Allen sing “There’s Something About the Name Jesus.”

One of Our Pastor’s Favorites: Rance Allen

September 3, 2008

One of the greatest gospel voices of all time is also a good and personal friend of Bishop Donaldson’s: Rance Allen. WGPT-TV will feature videos of our pastor preaching and teaching the word of God, but as we get them added, enjoy one of the signature recordings of Rance Allen, “That Will Be Good Enough For Me.”

We Need Each Other

August 20, 2008

Click on the link below to see our own Bishop Dr. Marvin E. Donaldson preaches in his usual no holds barred style. Thanks to Keith E. of Nevada on MySpace for posting this video!

Bishop Donaldson Preaches “We Need Each Other”